Custom Fencing Socks

Takes 3 minutes on average
Receive free, no obligation mockup design

Personalize your own team fencing socks by adding your own logo, using your team colors and providing custom text. We have many templates to use as the base of your design to get you going quickly. Our design team can then tweak the design to your exact requirements to make them perfect for you.

Fencing Sock Lengths

Often fencing rules stipulate what length of socks you may wear during a competition – so it is vital you take this into account when ordering your socks. Most teams use knee-high or over-the-knee length socks. Make sure to refer to our sizing guide to ensure you order the correct fit and length.

Custom Made Fencing Socks Features

The socks are manufactured using a blend of materials to allow for superior performance. The Acrylic base material has excellent moisture wicking properties while the Spandex allows for firm elasticity. Nylon is used for the accent colors which also adds durability.

We keep 40 colors of thread in stock but can custom order threads from our selection of 1000+ colors to get you the best match for your uniform or team colors.

The socks are knitted from scratch using a half-terry knit that produces a high quality, thicker sock with slight compression and extra padding that is also more durable. The construction makes sure the socks do not easily slip off the leg while being worn during activity.
We knit your design directly into the socks. Thus, the design is NOT added afterwards via embroidery or sublimation printing. Embroidered socks tend to deform the shape or scratch the user. Sublimation printing has some advantages, but for crisper colors that do not blend into each other knitted designs are best. Your socks will look more professional and the designs will last as long as your socks, because well – they are the sock!

Custom Sock Maker Wizard

See exactly how your customization looks like by requesting a free digital mockup design. Pick your colors, provide your own text and optionally upload a logo. Our design team will then send you several options to choose from along with full pricing and other information.

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