Sock Sizing Guide

Do socks have sizes? Yes! We carry a variety of sizes, from knee high to ankle length sports socks.

If you’re not sure about which size is best for you, we can help. Our sock sizing guide will answer all your questions from “do socks have sizes?” to “which size is best for logo and text?” Our sock sizing guide provides a complete rundown on how to choose the best fit for you (note: our sizes are gender neutral) and others. Whether you’re interested in ankle length sports socks or a simple crew sock, use your shoe size as a guide and reference our sock sizing chart to help you choose the perfect pair. Our shoe size chart displays sizes for the USA, Europe (EU), and the United Kingdom (UK). When ordering, just pick the one that fits you and your territory.

Sock Size Guide

We offer two ranges for kid sizes in both the US and UK. The smallest is marked with a C (children); the larger is marked with a Y (youth).

Our gender neutral sizing makes it a snap to order for groups that may consist of men and women.