Sock Fundraisers and Sock Fundraising Ideas

Imagine the smiles you’ll get — and the funds you’ll raise — with a sock fundraiser for your favorite team, school, or charity! You’ll never run out of sock fundraising ideas because Elite Sport Socks never runs out of socks.

Customized socks are a far more memorable choice for your charity drive than the usual suspects. And socks last longer than candy bars or wrapping paper! We offer socks at any height or color and with any logo or text of your choice. Our team of creative artists will design your sock orders according to your specs. And if you sell out, you can start taking pre-orders for the next batch!

Socks are also big earners for your fundraiser because they have more value. Socks have repeated use, unlike chocolate or wrapping paper, that are oversold. With socks, you will appreciate the large profit margins that are usually between 50% and 150%. That means you’ll be raising more funds without having to sell as more.