Custom CrossFit Socks

Takes 3 minutes on average
Receive free, no obligation mockup design
Make your CrossFit tribe the talk of the town with your own personalized logo socks. Pick your colors, logo and text to put on the sock and our design team will help you put the final touches on your design until you have your own unique design ready to produce.

We recommend either Crew length socks or Knee-High socks for CrossFit.

CrossFit Sock Benefits

Your socks will be created using a specific blend of materials selected for their superior performance. The acrylic base thread has excellent moisture wicking capabilities, helping to keep your feet dry during extended exercise sessions. Nylon adds strength and durability to the structure of the sock. Quality Spandex material is used to make sure the socks are stretchy, but firm. The socks will have a slight compression that can help improve post-workout recovery.

Choose any of our 40 standard colors or ask for our color matching service where we can pick the best possible color from our huge selection of over 1000 thread colors.

Please note that your design will be knitted directly into the sock as the sock is being constructed. We produce all the socks directly at the factory with your design already embedded. This way you get a perfect design every time that will not fade or wash out over time.

Make Your Own Customized Sock Design

Submit your free mockup design request in minutes. Our sock builder will help you design your socks in under 3 minutes. You can pick your own colors, text and optionally also upload a logo. The design team will tweak your design until you are 100% satisfied.

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