General Policies

  • All prices are subject to change without notice. We have made every attempt to establish accurate pricing. However, circumstances beyond our control may dictate changes.
  • Prices and information listed on this site are intended as a guide only. In the event of a misprint or mistakes, we reserve the right to correct the copy or pricing to reflect actual pricing or copy. Please verify pricing and all information at the time of ordering.
  • Pictures and colors on this site and provided mockups are for illustration only and may not be exact. We have made every attempt to have colors interpreted correctly, but shades of colors vary from different fabrics to different manufacturers. The specific screen settings on your computer or mobile device may also alter how you perceive the colors.
  • Production and shipping times are intended as a guide only. Shipping times are also completely out of our hands and depends on the shipping company and your shipping destination. We reserve the right to pick any shipping company to deliver your order. Please order well in advance to avoid receiving products later than you need them. No refunds or discounts will be provided for products that arrive later than stated on this website or communicated to you otherwise.

Refund Policy

Once an order has been submitted for production, it cannot be returned for any reason except for product defect. Defective items must be returned in its original packaging within 14 days from the shipping date. If items are returned outside of this period, or the item is worn, damaged or not in original packaging, we cannot guarantee that the refund or exchange will be honored.

We reserve the right to exchange defective products instead of providing a refund, or provide a proportional refund based on number of defective products.