Custom Fencing Socks

En guard, pret, allez! Our fencing socks are for you!

Looking stylish but fierce is key to winning any fencing competition. That’s why custom fencing socks are what you need to compliment your plastron, jacket, and breeches the next time you’re in combat.

Design your own personalized fencing socks with your color, school logo, and text. It just takes three minutes to choose how you want your sock to look and which length works best. Order as many pairs as you can — To wear in practice, at competitions, or to make sure you never run out all year.

Our custom socks for fencing competitions are durable and come in more than 1,000 colors! They are designed to move with you as you thrust your foil, lung with your épée, or whip the air with your sabre. Not only will they catch the eye of the jury, but they’ll give you the comfort and protection you need most.

Important: Let us know during ordering if you want knee-high or over-the-knee length socks.

Design your own personalized sports socks with your team color, logo, and text. It just takes three minutes to choose how you want your sock to look and which length works best. And best yet: Our socks are durable and we can color match over 1,000 colors!

Ordering Your Custom Fencing Socks

· You give us the colors and image of your choice, along with instructions on the design.
· We create a mockup design and send for your approval.
· We incorporate any needed changes.
· You give us final approval on those changes.
· We invoice you, you pay online.
· We ship your socks!

Your logo and design won’t wash out because we don’t screen print or sublimate our socks. Instead, your design, logo, and colors are knitted directly into the sock as it is being constructed! That guarantees that your socks stay durable for this season and beyond!

Order as many socks as you need. The minimum order for a single design is 6 pairs per size and a minimum of 15 pairs per design/color. We can handle any volume you need, from as few as 15 pairs to as many as 2,000-plus.

Custom Fencing Socks Shipped

Don’t live nearby? That’s fine because we can ship your socks almost anywhere in the world. No matter where you live, your socks will arrive three to four weeks from the date the order was placed and payment was received. Need them faster? We also do rush orders.

Since we usually rely on FedEx, we’ll email you a tracking number so you’ll always know where your socks are once they leave our facility.