Got questions? We got answers!


Q: How do I order custom socks?
A: This page explains it best. Basically you give us the colors and image to place on the sock along with instructions on how your sock should look like. We then create a mockup design to show you how the sock will look like. Request changes or more designs until you are happy with the design. We invoice you and you pay online. Production starts and your custom socks ship directly to you once completed.

Q:  What if I don’t know what I want my socks to look like and need help designing them?
A: No problem. We are here to help you get amazing looking custom socks! You can just give us some rough ideas on what you want and we can present you with some options. Alternatively ask us to recommend some design options to you. Get started by following our easy sock design process.

Q: How is my custom design, colors and logo put on the socks?
A: Your design, logo and colors are woven directly into the sock as the sock is being constructed. This makes the sock and design extremely durable and your logo will not wash out. (We do not screen print or sublimate socks.) This ensures that your socks stay looking great for the entire season and beyond!
For more details visit our logo guide and colors & materials information.

Q:  Do you ship world-wide?
A: We ship to anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity? 
A: Even though your socks are completely custom, we have very low minimum order quantities. The minimum order quantity for each unique sock design is 15 pairs per size. For example you can order 15 Large and 20 Medium socks, but you can not order 10 Large and 25 Medium socks. See our MOQ page for a more detailed example.

We happily take orders from as little as 15 pairs and can easily handle orders of 2000+ pairs.

Q:  What is the price per pair of socks?
A: As you can imagine there is a lot of overhead included with creating your unique sock design, modifying your logo to be sock-ready and then finally setting up the sock machine to produce your socks. Thus the price per sock goes down quite a bit if you are placing a larger order. Other factors that influence price might be sock length, sock materials, delivery location and rush delivery.

The best way to get an accurate price is to complete our sock design process. This only takes 3 minutes on average. We can then provide you with an accurate quote on pricing.

In general though you can expect to pay between $5.95 and $12.95 per pair of socks.

Q:  How long until I receive my custom socks?
A: Socks are shipped approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the date the order was placed AND payment was received. We usually make use of FedEx 4-day service. We email you the tracking number and, depending on where you are in the world, delivery happens about 3 to 7 days after that.
Tip: If you need your socks sooner you can contact us to see if we have capacity to do a rush order for you.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: You can pay online via debit card, credit card or PayPal. USA customers can also use our free bank transfer service (ACH). Please contact us if you wish to do a check payment or wire transfer instead. All prices and payments are in USD (United States Dollars).

We also accept Purchase Orders (POs) from certain organizations.


First, please make sure you have read our sock fundraiser information page. We will repeat some information here for clarity.

Q: How does Elite Custom Sock fundraisers work?
A: First, you design your sock using your custom school colors & logo. You then sell the socks to players, students, parents and supporters at the school. The difference between the order price and the price you sell the socks at is your profit. You can either take pre-orders using the mockup design and then purchase the socks, or you can wait for the socks to be delivered and then sell the socks.

Q: How much money can we expect to raise?
A: Most fundraisers try to sell the socks for $15 to $18 per pair. This is comparable to many athletic socks being sold in retail stores. That means your profit per sock can be anywhere from $5 to $12 per sock, depending on the volume you order. Most fundraisers order about 250 socks which generally works out to about $8.99 per pair of socks. If you sell at $16.99 per pair of socks, you can expect to generate $2,000.

Q: What is the ‘Fundraiser Package’?
A: Please contact us to receive a fundraiser package. This includes ready-made forms you can use to take pre-orders and orders. We also provide you with a detailed marketing plan to maximize your fundraising efforts.

Q: What if paying up front for socks might be a problem for us?
A: There is a few ways to approach this.

1. Set a fundraising goal. Lets say $2000. You know you need to sell 250 pairs of socks at $16.99 per pair to make $2,000 profit. You start taking pre-orders until you have sold 65 pairs of socks. This allows you to put down the 50% deposit required to start production of the 250 socks. You continue taking pre-orders until you have sold 130 socks. Now you can pay the rest of the invoice and socks will ship out to you as soon as it is ready. Once you receive the socks you distribute them to all those that made a pre-order. If you were not sold out, go ahead and sell the remaining socks. The more the students start wearing the socks, the more you will sell! You can even bump up the price to $18 after pre-orders ended.

2. Only take pre-orders. Order and pay for socks only after you got pre-orders from everybody.

Note: We only allow a 50% deposit for orders of 100 pairs of socks or more. Socks will not ship out until the entire invoice is settled.

Q: Can I have a sample sock to show while taking pre-orders?
A: It is too costly to produce a single example sock. We can however send you a sock with a similar design & colors. This way you can at least show people the quality, style and colors of a comparable sock. Please see the ‘Can I have a sample before placing my order?‘ question further down for more details.
However, in our experience we have found this is not needed. You can show people the mockup design and most will be more than fine to purchase having a good idea of how the final sock will look like.

Q: What if I sell out quickly?
A: Congratulations! What a good problem to have! We recommend you continue taking orders and contact us ASAP to produce more socks of a similar design. If we are still in production it will be easy for us to add more socks to the order. If we already shipped the socks to you we can start a new order for you.

Design Questions

Q: What kind of logos can I put on my sock?
A: You can send us your logo in PNG (preferred), JPEG, PDF or Word Document file. Even if your logo is not perfect, our artists can prepare it for use on the sock.

You can even just tell us what kind of logo/mascot you need and we can grab one from our large library of stock logos.

Socks are made out of threads and stitches. Our process of weaving the logo and design directly into the socks during constructions make them extremely durable and your design will not wash out. However, this comes with some limitations on how intricate your logo design can be to still look great on a sock. We explain this in much more detail in our Logo Guide.

Q: What colors can I use on my sock?
A: Generally you are limited to 4 thread colors per sock. In some extreme cases we can do up to 6 colors if required. We support a very wide palette of colors. Please refer to our Colors & Materials guide for detailed information.

Q: Can I have different text, logo or design for left and right sock?
A: Yes, but there is a catch. This will now count as two designs. You need to order a minimum of 15 pairs per design per size. So this means you need to order a minimum of 30 pairs per size. (i.e. 15 pairs of the “left-side” design and then 15 pairs of the “right-side” design).

Q: Can I have the player numbers or initials on the socks?
A: This is something we can unfortunately not do for you as each sock design then becomes unique and too costly to produce.


​Q: Can I have a sample before placing my order?
A: If you are looking for a sample of our custom socks in most cases we can provide you with one. These are NOT customized samples with your design. Samples are provided from overruns of previous orders that were created. We will try and send you a sock with the same colors and design, but this depends on available stock.

There is a $9 fee plus shipping costs to receive a sample. We will credit this back to you if you order more than 100 pairs.

Q: Do the sock sizes run large/small?
A: Our socks are not prewashed and will shrink once washed and dried. Please see our sizing guide for more information.

Q. What kind of material are your socks made of?
A. Please refer to our materials guide for more details.

Q: Are these Nike, UnderArmour, etc. brand socks?
A: No. Our socks are custom made for every customer through Elite Sport Socks and Wired Empire, LLC. We are not affiliated with Nike, UnderArmour, etc.

Q: What is your Return Policy?
A: Please read our Return Policy on our Policies page.