Elite Sport Socks Fundraisers

If you are looking for a fast selling fundraiser item, these Custom Elite Sport Socks are the way to go!

The Custom Elite Sport Socks Fundraiser is not only very simple, this type of fundraiser also does not suffer from the usual ailments of other fundraiser ideas.

  • No up front cash needed.
  • You will appreciate the large profit margins that is usually between 50% and 150%.
  • No begging for money - you are selling an item people will love buying!
  • These socks will sell themselves! The more people that start wearing the socks, the quicker you will sell out.

To get started you can either request that our artists design your socks right now or read more about our fundraisers.

The socks came in yesterday and we already almost sold out. We need to place another order!

Tamara - Atlantic City, NJ

Our sock sale has been a huge success and we are considering another order of 150.

Nicole - McKees Rocks, PA

Custom Sock Fundraiser Playbook

Ready to raise funds like a Pro?

Over the last few months we have seen some very successful sock fundraisers by our clients. We reached out to them and collected some tips you can use to super-charge your fundraiser as well. You will be amazed how a few simple steps can double what you raise!

The Fundraiser Playbook explains how the process works, how to calculate your profit, teach you "battle-tested" fundraiser tips and much more!