Logo Guide for Custom Socks

Your logo, text and design will be woven right into the sock during the sock's production. This has the advantage that the logo is extremely durable and will not wash out over time. Basically your logo is part of your sock from the start and is not added after the fact.

That being said a stitched logo does have some limitations. Here is a quick summary of the most important factors to keep in mind. We will discuss each in more detail later in this article.

  • Simple logos work better.
  • We can usually modify intricate logos or suggest substitutions to make them work.
  • Only 4 colors per sock design. This includes all colors used in the logo.
  • If you have a PNG or SVG version of your logo - we prefer that over JPEG/JPG files.
  • The logo you see on your mockup is not the final logo design.
  • Make sure you have permission to use the logo or branding.

Simple logos work better

Logos are woven into the sock. The stitches in the sock is a lot larger than the pixels on your screen. All this means is that the logo will not have the same ability to show fine and intricate detail. If your logo depends on such intricate detail to look good then our artists may have to modify your logo to work well on a sock.

This is probably best illustrated with examples. (Read on lower down how we can fix your logo if it is too intricate)

Simple Logos

cancer ribbon for custom socks
canada logo for socks
jaguar paw print socks
sock logo

Acceptable Logos

cougers sock logo
Red lion head sock logo
Viking head logo
Eagle head logo
Trail indian head logo

Too Intricate Logos

Intricate lion head sock logo
betawolf sock logo
cat picture

Ways we fix your intricate logo

Extract important element

Logos are symbols. They carry meaning. Often, extracting a single important element of the logo is the best fix for an intricate logo while still capturing the essence of the symbolic meaning.

Lets take this intricate logo as example. The text along with the wreath around the lion head is just way too intricate of a design. We can easily fix this by extracting the most important element out of this logo - the lion.

See how good the lion looks on the mockup sock design! 

Most intricate logos can luckily be made usable this way.

Intricate lion head sock logo
Extracted lion blue head sock logo
Custom sock mockup with blue lion head logo

Use similar logo from our library

Sport teams tend to have similar mascots and logos. In fact, the majority of teams use animals as their logo.

We have a large library of logos that we can use for your sock. If your logo is too intricate, chances are we have several versions of your animal or mascot ready to use! Again, logos are symbols and as long as you capture the essence of your symbol it serves its intended purpose.

Go with text

Your full logo is often contained somewhere  else on your sport kit - most often on the shirt. Do you really need your full logo again on the sock? Why not use your socks instead to inspire or convey a strong message? 

Messages like "Tiger Strong", "We can. We will", "GO WILDCATS" can inspire players and build team spirit. You most likely have a slogan. If so, your custom socks might be the best place to put it.

Alternatively, simply use your school or team name ... or often even better, simply the initials. These tend to look great with a little bit of a border around the text. (See the "S" logo in the simple logo example section)

Manually modify logo

Sometimes our socks artists can work their magic and take your intricate design and convert it to be sock ready.

As example refer to wolf design below. The lines with circles are simply too intricate to look great once woven into a sock. Instead our artists modified the logo to stick with the same design, but remove the intricate lines and replace them with more simple ones.

Intricate Betawolf Logo
Simplified Betawolf Sock Logo
BetaWolf crew sock mockup

Only 4 colors per sock design

The sock may not use more than 4 thread colors, thus the logo is limited to 4 colors.

Often this requires us to use the base color and colors of toe/heel/stripes inside the logo design as well.

This might sound like a huge limitation, but the reality is that the most amazing logos on socks use only 1 or 2 colors. Just review our inspiration sock gallery to see what I mean.

Can we put a photo of your cat on your socks? No. Can we make your school or team logo look amazing? YES!

See our color chart for available colors.

We prefer PNG / SVG files over JPEG/JPG image files

Let me start by saying that if a JPEG/JPG file is all you have - then don't worry. This is by far the most common type of image file we receive and our artists are quite good by now in converting them into the format we need for the mockup and the sock.

If you do have access to the logo in PNG or SVG format you will make our artists very happy as this makes their job a little bit easier.

Firstly, these file types usually have transparency - thus saving the artist from manually removing the background from the logo.

Secondly, these files are known as "lossless" compression formats which just means they store the image without losing any quality.

PNG image icon

Mockup logo vs. Pixelated logo

The logo you receive as part of your initial mockup design is not the final design that will be stitched into your sock.

The logo first needs to be converted in what we refer to as the "pixelated logo". This is the exact pattern that will be fed into the sock machine to produce your sock.

Each pixel on the pixelated logo indicates a stitch on the sock machine. A stitch is a lot bigger than the "pixels" on your screen, thus they appear more "blocky" in nature.

If you have a tricky logo we may ask you to review the final pixelated design just to make sure you are happy with the final result. Approval of the pixelated logo is the final step before your sock order is placed on the queue for production. Thus if we email you to approve such a pixelated logo, please know your order is delayed until we receive approval from you.

In most cases though the logo design is easily converted and your order will be placed on the queue as soon as the artist completes the pixelated logo conversion.

Get permission to use Logo or Branding

Making sure you have proper permission to use a logo, colors or branding on your sock design remains your responsibility. Remember, even if you are officially sponsored by a brand it does not automatically allow you to use their brand.

If we recognize you are using a major brand name on your logo we may ask you to submit documentation that you are allowed to use the logo or brand on your sock design. 

Copyright Notice: Please note that many of these examples logos are copyright of their respective owners. They are only shown here for educational and informational purposes.