Minimum Order Quantity Explained

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) per design is 15 pairs. This can be split over multiple sizes provided there is at least 6 pairs per size you include.

Note that the MOQ is per design. If you include multiple designs in your order then each design must meet the MOQ.
A color change is also considered a new design even if everything else stays the same.

Tips for when you do not meet the MOQ

  • Ask other teams if they wish to join your order.
  • Ask coaches, parents and supporters if they would also like to order socks for themselves.
  • Sometimes a few people have much larger/smaller feet than the rest. Our socks are very stretchy, so often you can order a smaller size and it will still stretch the fit a slightly larger foot than recommended.
  • Worst case, if you ordered too small and its too tight - you can cut off the toe of the sock and wear another sock below. This way the person gets a comfortable fit while still having uniform team colors.


Examples of valid orders

  • 15 pairs total = 6 Medium, 9 Large
  • 18 pairs total = 6 Medium, 6 Large, 6 X-Large

Examples of orders that do not meet our MOQ

  • 12 pairs total = 6 Medium, 6 Large
    * Does not meet the minimum of 15 pairs per design.
  • 15 pairs total = 6 Medium, 6 Large, 3 XL
    * XL must be at least 6 pairs in this case.
  • Design A: 15 pairs total = 6 Medium, 6 Large, 3 XL
    Design B: 15 pairs total = 6 Medium, 6 Large, 3 XL
    * Although there are 6 XL combined over 2 designs, the minimum of 6 per size per design is not met.