Sock Fundraiser & Fundraiser Playbook

custom sock fundraiser

Custom Sock Fundraiser

If you are looking for a fast selling fundraiser item, these Custom Elite Sport Socks are the way to go. Personalizing socks to your specific team, group, sport, or school is a great way to raise money for your organization. Our art team will design Elite Sport Socks with your group/team logo, name and colors.

The Custom Elite Sport Socks Fundraiser is quite simple.

Here is an example of how one school raised $2,000 in just 3 weeks:

“We were looking for an easy fundraiser that could get the kids excited in raising money for their school. We came across this website and ended up ordering 250 pairs of Custom Elite Sport Socks. We purchased the socks for $8.99/pair and sold them to students, parents, etc. for $16.99/pair. It only took us 3 weeks to sell every pair and gave us a total fundraising profit of $2,000.”


  1. Go to the design your socks page and complete the sock design process.
  2. A representative from Elite Sport Socks will contact you with a mock-up design of your custom socks. Ask for changes until you are 100% satisfied with the design.
  3. If needed, take your mock-up design and obtain approval from your booster club, committee or school to order the socks.
  4. Order the socks. Socks are shipped 3 to 4 weeks from the date the order is paid.
  5. While you are waiting for your custom socks to be shipped, start marketing and also take pre-orders. We have a detailed marketing plan for you to follow to maximize your success.
  6. Sell your socks at around $5-$8 more than your purchase price. This is your profit per pair.
  7. Once you receive your socks hand them out to those that pre-ordered and see the socks start selling themselves! The more students that wear them, the more other students and parents will buy after seeing the socks.
  8. If you sell out, start taking pre-orders for the next batch!

How does the fundraising work?

We offer our custom elite sport socks at a reasonable price so that your organization can sell them to students, athletes, parents, friends for a few dollars more. All proceeds go towards your organization as a fundraiser. Your group can then use those funds raised to purchase equipment, uniforms, or whatever your needs are.


Get creative and be sure to use your social media. Be sure to post your new Elite Sport Socks on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more! Ask your athletic director to post information in emails, newsletters, and flyers that are distributed. #elitesportsocks

The Bigger The Better

When considering fundraising, please understand that the more socks ordered, the better pricing you will receive and the larger profit margin you will have. The most successful fundraisers order at least 150 pairs of socks.

The Socks Will Sell Themselves

Your kids are your best marketing tool! The more kids seen wearing the trending Elite Sport Socks, the more socks you will sell.

Don’t Have Up Front Cash?

A Pre-Order Sale requires no upfront money! We will create a custom elite sport sock design for your organization using your colors, logo, and/or name. We will also help you create order forms with your custom elite sport sock design for you to distribute. Over the next few weeks simply allow the orders & payments to come in from your customers. Once all orders have been received, simply provide Elite Sport Socks with your full order and we will start manufacturing your custom elite socks. When your socks arrive you can then distribute to all customers who had pre-paid for socks.

We also accept 50% deposits for orders over 100 pairs to start production. This way you can reduce the lead time to delivery of the socks.