Sock Length Guide

Elite Sports Socks sells four sock lengths to accommodate varying tastes and styles. While we only provide templates for the most popular sport and athletic sock lengths, we are able to accommodate other sock lengths upon request. Choose your favorite length and style from our four popular choices:

  • Knee High. The knee-high sock from Elite Sports Socks sits just below your knee, making it ideal for cold weather or for contact sports like lacrosse and soccer. This sock length provides ample room for customizations, so add in your logo, text, or other design element to really stand out.
  • Crew. Custom crew socks represent one of our most popular sock lengths. Crew socks are perfect to wear on the field, the court, or just hanging out at home. Custom crew socks are ideal for adding stripes, logos, and text.
  • High Ankle. Our high ankle sock length is also known as the “Mini Crew” because it sits between the length of our custom crew socks and the Low Ankle. This is a fun length to include either a text or a logo, but not both.
  • Low Ankle. Also known as the “Micro Crew,” the Low Ankle peeks out from the shoe, giving you enough space to add a team name to the rib. This sock is available in any of our 1000+ colors.