Baseball Stirrup Socks Guide

What are Stirrup Socks?

There is no denying that stirrup socks are... a bit weird. Stirrup socks are basically normal socks with a huge hole cut into them so the entire foot area is basically removed leaving only a thin strap that goes around the foot.

So what is the point of wearing stirrup socks? Did you know Stirrups were created as a novel solution to save lives? Now they are a proud part of baseball legacy and exactly why baseball players still wear stirrup socks even though these days they serve little purpose medically. A tribute to baseball players risking death to play the sport they loved!

They are also a great way to display your team colors while allowing you to wear your favorite brand of sport socks underneath. The socks worn underneath stirrups are often called "baseball sanitary socks", again a reference to the original purpose of stirrup socks.

How to wear Stirrup Socks correctly?

Stirrup socks are worn over another pair of socks which are called "baseball sanitary socks".

"Sanitary socks" are typically thin white socks but in reality you can wear the stirrups over any type and color of sock you prefer wearing.

Some stirrup socks have one area of the cut slightly lower than the other side. The lower cut should be worn in front.

Baseball knicker pants should go over the socks, otherwise the stirrups may slip down during play.

Stirrup Cut Length

Our Baseball Stirrups are available in 4'', 7'' and 9'' cut lengths.

Important: This is the length of the cut, not the length measured from the bottom of the foot until the top of the cut when worn. This measured length is shorter than the stirrup cut as the stirrup wraps around the foot.

Size Guide

The best way to make sure you order the correct size is to use your shoe size and pick the correct sock size from the table below.

Stirrup Size

Men Shoe

Women Shoe


12 - 15



9 - 12

10 - 13


6 - 9

7 - 10

Small (Youth)

12C - 5

4 - 7

X-Small (Mite)

8C - 12C


Minimum Order Size

We require a minimum order of 12 pairs per design and/or size for stirrup socks. You do not need to order every available size, but for each size you include in your order you need a minimum of 12 pairs.

A color change is considered a design change, even if the logo/text/stripes/design otherwise remain the same.

Thread Colors

Important: Your design can contain a maximum of 5 colors. Please see the available Nylon thread colors you may use in your designs below.

Dark Brown
Cardinal Red
Scarlet Red
Neon Pink
Bubblegum Pink
Sky Blue
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Neon Green
Kelly Green
Forest Green
Neon Yellow
Athletic Gold
Vegas Gold
Neon Orange
Texas Orange

Stirrup Materials

Our Baseball Stirrups are produced with 95% Nylon and 5% elastic. This produces a very durable sock ready for a long season.

Depending on the design we will either use 108 needle or 168 needle sock machines. The latter is used when the design either requires more colors or more detail.

In short, our stirrups are made to be durable, lightweight and threated with a special wash to increase moisture management.

Customize Your Own Stirrup Design

Click the button below to customize your own baseball stirrup design. You can pick your own colors, logo and text to make a beautifully unique design your team will be proud to wear!